Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to my blog The many allys of ally white cat. have received my swap from stampers anonymous group
 and I am so excited to show you my treasures.
Thank you Sandy for hosting you are always so much fun .
This beautiful tag if from our member Beth ..the theme is tye dye and I love her beautiful stamp..I must get that one
Thank you Beth.

This is from our member Deborah..I love this tag..and I just recently purchased this set of stamps...
How beautiful this wonderful purple balloon(my favorite color)..and look at the twined pearl tree in the distance. Beautiful. Thank you Deborah.
This is from our member beautiful. Look at the pink butterfly's The sentiment is wonderful.
Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that expects you to be someone else...
I love the tye dye beautiful colors. Thank you Carolyn
This tag is from our member Stacy..oh how cool is that umbrella and look at the little boots.
now wait for it...
it opens just look at this and hand sewn beautiful little flowers on tissue paper omg Stacy!
and look at the pot of darling...
Thank you Stacy

it is such a privilege to be a part of you wonderfully talented people.

Thank you sandy and yes i got you extra goodies from michaels for my error in forgetting my return funds.
Mega hugs ladies
susan s

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