Saturday, April 13, 2013

The many allys of ally white cat and Creative souls act swap

Welcome to my blog, The many allys of ally white cat. my act swap with

We were given a beautiful image to work with and assigned a partner. My partner this time is a wonderful friend of mine Caroline.
Caroline is a mother of two beautiful darling girls and a wife to one of our united states military, She is a DT for a wonderful company called Alpha Stamps and just a sweetheart. Her blog is
and she makes beautiful art and sells on etsy. Lets see, she loves to read, and makes  marvelous dishes of food.. she.enjoys  her family and oh..she especially loves Marie Antoinette.
I have been so blessed to be her friend.
Her is your act Caroline.
I will mail it Monday.
love and hugsa,


  1. She's mine She's mine She's all mine! I can't wait to get her she is marvelously sweet and so blinged out (which you know I love). Thanks for your super kind words, they made me feel very special.

    The Glitter Tart

    Oh and I am done with yours just have to slap some paper on the back with my name, photograph her and send her on her way...I went a little left...okay, I went way left...I'll upload images soon.