Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Themanyallysofallywhitecat.blogspot.com and Marjie Kemper prize package

Good morning everyone,
Today I received my wonderful gift from Marjie ..O Thank you Thank you Thank you Marjie.
I am going to share with you one of the "funnest" blogs you could adventure to...yes her blog is an adventure.
Marjie just finished Ranger U ...that lucky girl (she was so talented before oh face paw! This white cat will never keep up with her now that Master Tim took her training wheels off! and set her free).
Well thats okay because I am going to enjoy her journey right along with her by keep tabs on her blog and I hope you do to.
First before I link you up to her blog ....let me share my awesome prize with you....
Okay ..see..:)
The large package is "Rub it Scrub it" I have never seen this before...so mmark my words I am thrilled and my stamps are very dirty I think my muse knew..don't you?
Thank you and my stamps thank you more :)
The small blue package is Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie....again our local stores in Midland and Odessa have not had this product when I visited it removes inks paints and glues from my hands????I have been using a nail brush lol.
and a awesome Inkssentials mister which was on my shopping list with stars....Thank you so much Marjie.

Now let me link you to her...and behold some awesome art..and please know she has recently been published by Stampington.deets are on her blog.

Thanks for stopping in everyone.Have a awesome day ..I am :)
susan s



  1. Congrats on your prize from Marjie!

  2. So glad the package arrived safely, Susan, and thanks for the shout-out. One thing you need to be sure of with the Craft Scrubbie (which I love!) is to use soap and water with it - not just the Scrubbie alone.