Monday, December 5, 2016

A Journal for my sister HO Ho HO Brenda

Welcome to my blog today.I had recently made a card with a journal on the back part of it. I did not show the journal but I did show the card for Canvas Corp Brands .It was HERE.

Well here is the journal. I am sending it to my baby sister Brenda. She works very hard at Apple and deserves a smile.
So I will photo through the journal. You can see the tags by the red ribbons and the tuck spots by the ephemera  .
Thanks for stopping in and have a beautiful day.

On the cover is a broach from our Grandmother. she always wore it on her beige coat.
When you open the journal there is a pocket and in that pocket there is a Christmas Card from our Grandmothers hardware store she owned in the 1930's.

Think she will like it?


  1. Beautiful result! Lots of work I see!

    1. Thank you so much The CraftsWorld for your kind words and stopping in :)