Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Many Allys of Allywhitecat and Lizzy Love's Oddball Art Sully "Goodtimes"no.159

Hi there and welcome to my blog.
There are so many wonderful images I have in my files. My son "Fox" just purchased me a external hard drive. I gave it a lot of thought..all my images...and what do I want to do with them especially since I am doing more and more journal art and yard work lol.
so I decided I would make one card with each image for my fall show. and a journal page in my journals.
The journals I am making are for my grieving and healing from a very hard 6 years caring for my Mother who most of you know passed away January 28,2015.
This releases me from a time period and allows me to feel as if I made something which seems to be very important to me right now.most of all...I feel forward motion which is VERY IMPORTANT to me right now.
yard work lot's lot's of yard work..which is also healing. I love nature, birds the feel of soil and this past winter was so strange. We had freezes that killed our trees split them into pieces.so needless to say there is piles of work to do.
This is a image I purchased from Oddball Art here is the linkhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/OddballArtCo

This was titled "Big eyed creepy cute girl Sully Goodtimes" Seeker Image No. 159 By Lizzy Love

when you purchase her items you receive this letter/certificate of Authenticity on your images.
 I hope you enjoy this card and I really think her images are darling. They have been relaxing and fun to make.

The cards and journal pages are made with acrylic, gesso stencils ,watercolors gel mediums and more.
This was great to work repeatedly on cards and journal pages using and repeating a technique with of course variations...different stencils etc.
Hope you enjoy this piece and try it! you will love her images.

I am also working on  some other artist, but thought it would be good for me to organize one at a time.
well the yard work wore me out today...flower bed and sticks and more sticks!

 Hope you all have a wonderful evening
susan s

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