Friday, May 31, 2013

The many alleys of alley white cat and Rick St. Dennis's new Geshi

Quick peek of a new project using a Rick St. Dennis image
I will have my son take a better picture when he gets home with the camera..I love this image..Thank you Rick you found my style :)
As most of you know I use scraps to make my cards lately..I want to see what all I can make with them..
Thanks for peeking in ...
susan s

Monday, May 27, 2013

The many allys of allywhitecat and sweet pes's Concetta Kilmers "so in love hooty"

I have decided to enter my little owls in the sweet pea challenge.
 I used new digital stamps from sweet pea as you can see.Concetta Kilmers "so in love hooty"
Made it spring/summer colors using pencils and watercolors.
I love this image and so enjoyed sharing with you.
I found the stamp store on the challenge blog a banner on the right hand side ..there are many banners you might want to stop and look is a beautiful blog.
susan s

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rick St. Dennis and Moon goddess

Happy Saturday evening. This will be a short post we are in the middle of a thunder and lightening storm.This is my creation of Rick St. Dennis's moon goddess..
I have to say I see a moon goddess as a highly magical creature different from human kind her dress is filled with stars and star dust the moon is upon her head..she has her own abilities and magic so I made her colors that would blend in with the universe. Granted I think the universe often should have a large pink stripe down it...or just be pink and purple itself well in my opinion...but it is black as pitch with the exception of...the light from the sun or in this case the moon godess.
enjoy .
stay safe
susan s

Hello and hope you are doing well this memorial day weekend.I am working on a swap for a group that I am in
the theme is The Titantic 4" high 6" long
My lady is from Stampers anonymous,my ship is a free image on google and my butter fly is from Laura Carson
I have several more to finish but this is my theme for the Titanic swap
hope you like it.
susan s

Friday, May 24, 2013

A thank you to Caroline and a challenge piece for Rick st. Dennis freebie challenge

A challenge and a thank you. I am so behind on things but sometimes life does do that to trying to catch up now I wanted to say thank you to Caroline a wonderful friend of mine who has this awesome blog
she has a etsy store you can go to from her blog and I do hope you take a moment to visit her. caroline is a DT for  Alpha Stamps and her art is always amazing. I won a prize on her blog and I am just now getting my thank you card made ...shame on me!
well as many of you know I have been making cards from my scraps and cereal boxes cracker boxes and every sort of scrap I have so why not make her card the same way right...well let add one more detail in there..well has caroline been introduced to Rick St. Dennis...I personally don't think so....but you know me..lets see what happens so I am combining her card as a challenge piece for
and using one of Ricks freebie images which personally I love on her card :)
oh I do wonder.
Below is the photo of the beautiful rose scented bath bombs I won and my card or should I say challenge piece going postal to caroline...
always I thank you for looking in
stay safe

the gift I received
my usage of scraps
the back

the middle and
the front which is also my challenge piece
hugs susan s

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Had to make a new scrap art card love to makes them..this isage is a sweet pea image hope you like it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 and Marjie Kemper prize package

Good morning everyone,
Today I received my wonderful gift from Marjie ..O Thank you Thank you Thank you Marjie.
I am going to share with you one of the "funnest" blogs you could adventure to...yes her blog is an adventure.
Marjie just finished Ranger U ...that lucky girl (she was so talented before oh face paw! This white cat will never keep up with her now that Master Tim took her training wheels off! and set her free).
Well thats okay because I am going to enjoy her journey right along with her by keep tabs on her blog and I hope you do to.
First before I link you up to her blog ....let me share my awesome prize with you....
Okay ..see..:)
The large package is "Rub it Scrub it" I have never seen this mmark my words I am thrilled and my stamps are very dirty I think my muse knew..don't you?
Thank you and my stamps thank you more :)
The small blue package is Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie....again our local stores in Midland and Odessa have not had this product when I visited it removes inks paints and glues from my hands????I have been using a nail brush lol.
and a awesome Inkssentials mister which was on my shopping list with stars....Thank you so much Marjie.

Now let me link you to her...and behold some awesome art..and please know she has recently been published by Stampington.deets are on her blog.

Thanks for stopping in everyone.Have a awesome day ..I am :)
susan s

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The many allys of ally white cat and creative souls may 2013 act swap

Welcome to the many allys of ally white cat I am so glad you stopped in.
Creative souls swap this month theme is sun or moon and stars. My partner is from Holland. Isn't that cool? Her name is Ineke and she chose the sun. I saw a sneak peek of my act ...oh my it is beautiful.
so I chose to make her the moon and stars.
I hope she likes it. Thank you for stopping in.
susan s